I am dating a nigerian man

11-Dec-2017 10:35

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But the point is: The money should be sent Western Union or Money Gram. They will give a seller your shipping address and ask to re-ship it to them (re-shipping scam).

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The lady who did all that to get the rich suitor as her take home trophy, unearthed the corpse after she got arrested following the intervention of the baby’s paternal family.It should be a required experience for men – just as approaching men and getting rejected dozens of times should be a required experience for women.Ladies, have you ever had a similar experience to this woman? I would have been interested to know, however, if any of the messages he received were from internet bots or scammers. It has been described on millions of sites, millions of times. you discover they are “presently” in Africa, but will be back home in few weeks. They use phone numbers with the US area-codes, but in reality it is a redirect to Africa.

7) women send you nude pictures, you can bet they are stolen from porn sites 8) often, they propose you marriage or promise to marry you 9) they even send you “documents”: bad photoshopped passports and stuff 10) you are hooked, you are in love But… They become even more slick, and use satellites, cell-phones and proxies to hide their real IPs.

Man barely lasts two hours as a woman because the responses from his fellow men are so toxic.